• Xintong Transport Equipment Group–One-stop solution for road solutions

    With the rapid development of urbanization, many problems such as population management, traffic congestion, environmental protection, and safety have been brought about. Urban decision makers need to quickly respond intelligently to various needs and provide corresponding results and solutions. ...
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  • Southeast Asian customers visit our factory

    Southeast Asian customers visit our factory

    On July 5th, customers from southeast Asian countries visited our XinTong factory. A group of nine people, including senior government officials from the local highway bureau, engineers and designers, talked about the details of the rods needed to be purchased this time....
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  • XINTONG Group | Signal lights landed in Nigeria

    XINTONG Group | Signal lights landed in Nigeria

    Signal lights landed in Nigeria, the first step in smart city management.Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Nigeria in 1971, We have established a strategic partnership of "political mutual trust, economic mutual benefit, and mutual assista...
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  • Solar Speed Sign Operation Test

    Solar Speed Sign Operation Test

    Following the mobile solar signal light and portable LED road traffic display, Xintong R&D department combined the advantages of both and developed a mobile solar speed measuring sign. The solar spe...
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  • XINTONG Guangzhou Lighting Exhibition Exchange

    XINTONG Guangzhou Lighting Exhibition Exchange

    Today is the annual guangzhou exhibition, excellent dealers across the country will bring your own products fair, XinTong group is committed to road construction, therefore welcome the domestic and foreign friends to visit. Yangzhou XinTong Transport Equipment Group Co.,...
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  • Introduction of components and accessories of street lamps

    Street lights help keep streets safe and prevent accidents for drivers and pedestrians by marking the public roads and sidewalks of many communities. Older street lights use conventional light bulbs while more modern lights use energy-saving Light Emitting Diode (LED) te...
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  • What Kind of Rechargeable Batteries Do Solar Lights Use?

    Solar lights are an inexpensive, environmentally friendly solution to outdoor lighting. They utilize an internal rechargeable battery, so they require no wiring and can be placed almost anywhere. Solar-powered lights use a small solar cell to "trickle-charge" the battery...
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  • Recommendations About Solar Energy

    One of the biggest advantages of employing solar energy is the huge reduction of greenhouse gases that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere on a daily basis. As people begin switching to solar energy, the environment will certainly benefit as a result.   Of co...
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