Overseas warehouse for cross-border e-commerce enterprises to prepare goods in advance

Recently, the CSCL SATURN cargo ship of COSCO Shipping, which started from Yantian Port, China, arrived at Antwerp Bruge Port, Belgium, where it was loaded and unloaded at the Zebruch wharf.

This batch of goods is prepared by cross-border e-commerce enterprises for the “Double 11″ and “Black Five” promotion. After arrival, they will be cleared, unpacked, warehoused, and picked up at the COSCO Shipping Port Zebruch Station in the port area, and then transported by Cainiao and partners to overseas warehouses in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Denmark and other European countries.

“The arrival of the first container at Zebuluhe Port is the first time that COSCO Shipping and Cainiao have cooperated on the full link performance service of maritime transport. Through the cross-border logistics distribution completed by the two enterprises, export enterprises have been more leisurely in preparing goods in the overseas warehouses of the” Double 11 “and” Black Five “this year.” Cainiao’s international supply chain global freight director told reporters that near the end of the year, various promotional activities are about to start. Cross border e-commerce requires high timeliness and stability of logistics. Relying on COSCO’s port and shipping cooperation advantages, the seamless connection of marine transportation, cargo arrival, and port to warehouse is realized. In addition, through the sharing of transportation information between the staff in the yard and COSCO Shipping Hub and COSCO Shipping Port, and the linkage and cooperation at home and abroad, the transit process in the warehouse has been simplified, and the overall shipping timeliness has been improved by more than 20%. “

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In January 2018, COSCO Maritime Port Company signed a franchise agreement for the container terminal of Zebuluhe Port with the Zebuluhe Port Authority of Belgium, which is a project settled in Zebuluhe Port under the framework of the “Belt and Road”. Zebuluhe Wharf is located at the northwest entrance to the sea of Belgium, with superior geographical location. The port terminal cooperation here can form complementary advantages with Liege eHub Air Port of Cainiao.

At present, cross-border e-commerce between China and Europe is booming. With the first cooperation pilot of COSCO Shipping Port Zebuluhe Wharf and station warehouse officially launching overseas transit warehouse and cargo warehouse business, the two sides will also explore to open up the network of shipping, railway (China Europe train) and Cainiao Lieri eHub (digital logistics hub), overseas warehouse and truck train, and jointly create a one-stop comprehensive shipping service suitable for cross-border e-commerce, We will build Belgium into a land sea transport channel for newcomers in Europe, and promote mutually beneficial cooperation between the two sides in international supply chains, overseas warehouses and related post port services.

The head of global freight of Cainiao International Supply Chain said that Cainiao had previously carried out daily ocean trunk line cooperation with COSCO Shipping, linking Chinese ports to Hamburg, Rotterdam, Antwerp and other important European ports. The two sides will also further cooperate in the port supply chain business, build Zebuluhe Port into a new portal for Chinese e-commerce to enter Europe, and create a full chain door-to-door cross-border logistics solution for Chinese goods going to sea.

It is reported that the Novice Belgian Liege eHub is located in Liege Airport. The overall planning area is about 220000 square meters, of which nearly 120000 square meters are warehouses. The first phase of the construction, which took more than a year to complete, includes an air cargo terminal and distribution center. Unloading, customs clearance, sorting, etc. can be centrally processed and connected to the card network covering 30 European countries between Novice and its partners, which can effectively improve the efficiency of the whole cross-border package link.

COSCO Shipping Port Zebuluhe Wharf is located in the northwest coast of Belgium, Europe. The total length of the coastline is 1275 meters, and the front water depth is 17.5 meters. It can meet the needs of large container ships. The yard in the port area covers an area of 77869 square meters. It has two warehouses, with a total storage area of 41580 square meters. It provides customers with value-added services in the supply chain, such as warehousing, unpacking, customs clearance, temporary warehousing facilities, bonded warehouses, etc. Zebuluhe Wharf is an important gateway port and core hub port built by COSCO Shipping in Northwest Europe. It has independent railway facilities and first-class intermodal transport network, and can further transport goods to coastal ports and inland areas such as Britain, Ireland, Scandinavia, the Baltic Sea, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, etc. through branch lines, railways and highways.

Post time: Oct-14-2022