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Yangzhou Xintong Transport Equipment Group Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in the manufacture of complete sets of transportation equipment. Xintong company was established in 1999, with more than 340 employees, and engaged in intelligent transportation and security engineering.


XINTONG company was established in 1999.


XINTONG company has more than 340 employees.


Products successfully applied in over 150+ Countries.

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Now the company has a well-known trademark in jiangsu province, the national high-tech enterprises, provincial, citic enterprise security qualification, the first-grade qualification of road lighting, 3 c certification, the Ministry of Public Security traffic lights, lights, electronic and intelligent engineering, information systems integration and service level 3 qualification, safety production license and qualification certificate of AAA credit and other industries. Products have a full range of municipal power and solar signal lights, intelligent coordinated signal network, signs, signs, induction screen, dlongmen road span, induction screen rod and a variety of conventional signal lights, electrical alarm, monitoring and personalized rod. Persisting in the continuous development of brand products and technological innovation, strengthening customer service, training a large number of talents with rich industry experience, with an aggressive management team, has laid a reliable foundation for the long-term development of the company.

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In the future, the company will further improve the service level, improve the service system, to provide thoughtful and meticulous service for users. Carry out scientific and technological innovation, constantly improve product quality, launch more products, adapt to the trend of social intelligence; To create a corporate culture with innovation, practicality and service as the main connotation; Enhance the enterprise to become an excellent intelligent transportation complete set of suppliers, integrators and engineering service providers of awareness, to provide better intelligent services for social management.

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