The Belt and Road Initiative in Central and Eastern Europe continues to make progress

As a landmark project of China-Croatia co-construction of the “Belt and Road” and China-CEEC cooperation, the Peljesac Bridge in Croatia was successfully opened to traffic recently, realizing the long-cherished wish of connecting the North and South territories. Together with the projects undertaken by many Chinese companies, it shows to the world that China’s construction in Central and Eastern Europe has withstood the multiple tests brought about by the new crown epidemic and has made valuable progress.

The Peljesac Bridge is 2,440 meters long and 22.5 meters wide, connecting the country’s mainland with the Peljesac Peninsula. The bridge project is undertaken by a Chinese enterprise consortium led by China Road and Bridge Corporation. It is the largest transportation infrastructure construction project since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Croatia, and it is also a model project for China, Croatia and the EU to carry out tripartite market cooperation.

The “Belt and Road” project has benefited ordinary people and has continuously gained a good reputation in Central and Eastern Europe.

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As a large-scale transportation equipment manufacturing industry in China, Xintong Group has been maintaining cooperation with countries along the Belt and Road. Uphold the customer-centric. As our main product along the Belt and Road: rods. A variety of traffic safety poles; such as traffic signal poles, traffic sign poles, monitoring poles, high pole light poles. Q235B material is used to ensure no cracks, no leakage welding, no undercuts, smooth welding seams, no unevenness or welding defects. The pure polyester plastic powder coating is stable by powder spraying process, with strong adhesion and strong anti-ultraviolet ability. The film thickness is more than 10um, and the adhesion is strong. The inner and outer surfaces of hot-dip galvanized are treated with anti-corrosion treatment of hot-dip galvanized coating above 75 microns.

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