Folding Mid Hinged Octagonal Galvanized Solar Lighting Pole

Short Description:

1. Manufacturer or solution provider, master and apply international standard ASTM BS EN40 in design and production.

2. Precise welding, no leakage welding, no edge bite, smooth surface without impurities.

3. Powder spraying process, pure polyester plastic powder coating stability, strong adhesion, UV resistance. Film thickness more than 10um, strong adhesion.

4. Hot dip galvanizing technology, internal and external surfaces by 75 microns above the hot dip zinc coating anticorrosion treatment.

5. One-stop service for government projects: preliminary design, interim documents, quality control production schedule, engineer guidance for installation

Product Detail

Crossroads Solar Street Light Pole 1
Crossroads Solar Street Light Pole 2
Crossroads Solar Street Light Pole 3
Crossroads Solar Street Light Pole 4

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