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Short Description:

1. Welding

No missing welding, no undercut, smooth surface without impurities.

2. Powder spraying process.

Pure polyester plastic powder coating is stable, with strong adhesion and UV resistance. The film thickness is more than 10um, with strong adhesion.

3. Hot galvanizing.

The internal and external surfaces are subject to anti-corrosion treatment with hot dip zinc coating of more than 75 microns.

4. Customized service – fully consider the climate and sunshine of the product installation site and adjust the brightness according to different road grades.

5. One stop service for government projects: preliminary design, mid-term documents, quality control production progress, engineers’ installation guidance.

Product Detail

Product Features

Xintong's solar street lights are renowned for their top-quality construction and cutting-edge technology. Here are some key product features:

High Efficiency Solar Panels: Our solar street lights are equipped with high-efficiency solar panels that harness solar energy effectively, ensuring optimal energy conversion.

Long-lasting Battery Performance: We utilize advanced battery technology to provide extended battery life, ensuring consistent lighting performance even during cloudy days or inclement weather.

Customizable Designs: Xintong offers customizable designs to meet specific project requirements. Tailor the aesthetics, wattage, and lighting configurations to suit your unique needs.

Durable Construction: Our solar street lights are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures and heavy rainfall, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Smart Lighting Control: Incorporating intelligent lighting control systems, our products can adapt to varying lighting needs throughout the night, optimizing energy consumption.

High Luminous Efficacy: Xintong's solar street lights deliver impressive brightness with high luminous efficacy, enhancing visibility and safety on roads and pathways.

Environmentally Friendly: By utilizing solar power, our products reduce carbon emissions, making them an eco-friendly lighting solution.

Easy Installation: Our solar street lights are designed for easy installation, reducing labor costs and installation time.

Minimal Maintenance: With robust and reliable components, our lights require minimal maintenance, reducing downtime and operational costs.

Certifications and Standards: Xintong's solar street lights meet international quality and safety standards, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

These product features showcase the excellence and innovation that Xintong Solar Street Lights bring to your outdoor lighting projects. For detailed specifications and inquiries, please feel free to contact us at yaoyao@xintong-group.com We are dedicated to providing top-notch solutions for your B2B lighting needs.








Electriccal & Photometric

Model Power Luminaire efficacy (+/- 5%) Lumen Output (+/- 5%) Solar Panel Spec. Battery Spec. (Lithium) Constant worktime at 100% power Charge Time Working Environment Storage Temperature Rating CRI Material
XT-LD20N 20W 175 /180 lm /w 3500 /3600 lm 60W Monocrystal 66AH /3.2V 8.5 Hours 5 Hours 0 ºC ~ +60 ºC 10%~90%RH -40 ºC ~ +50 ºC IP66 IK10 >70 Housing:
Die-cast aluminum
XT-LD30N 30W 170 /175 lm /w 5100 /5250 lm 80W Monocrystal 93AH /3.2V 8 Hours 5 Hours
XT-LD40N 40W 165 /170 lm /w 6600 /6800 lm 120W Monocrystal 50AH /12.8V 12.5 Hours 5 Hours
XT-LD50N 50W 160 /165 lm /w 8000 /8250 lm 150W Monocrystal 50AH /12.8V 10 Hours 5 Hours

Working Environment & Packing

Model Product Dimensions(Lamp /Solar Panel /Battery) (mm) Carton Size(Lamp /Solar Panel /Battery) (mm) N.W(Lamp /Solar Panel /Battery) (kg) G.W(Lamp /Solar Panel /Battery) (kg)
XT-LD20N 284*166*68 /670*620*450*640 /220*113*77 290*180*100 /715*635*110 /350*100*130 1.0 /4.3 /2.66 1.53 /7.0 /4.0
XT-LD30N 284*166*68 /670*790*450*640/220*113*77 290*180*100 /805*715*110 /350*100*130 1.0 /5.6 /3.54 1.53 /8.6 /5.5
XT-LD40N 284*166*68 /670*1095*450*640 /320*195*95 290*180*100 /1110*715*110 /400*230*270 1.0 /7.6 /6.86 1.53 /12.0 /9.0
XT-LD50N 284*166*68 /670*1330*450*640 /320*195*95 290*180*100 /1345*715*110/400*230*270 1.0 /9.1 /6.86 1.53 /15.0/ 9.0
Note: Above data of weight are all typical values.



Solar Street Light System


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