Solar Speed Sign Operation Test

Following the mobile solar signal light and portable LED road traffic display, Xintong R&D department combined the advantages of both and developed a mobile solar speed measuring sign.


The solar speed measuring sign adopts radar radar sensing technology to automatically prompt the vehicle speed, multiple electronic protection of the whole circuit, 12V weak current working status, solar power supply, safety, energy saving, environmental protection and intelligence.

Working principle Radar speed measurement mainly uses the Doppler Effect principle: when the target approaches the radar antenna, the reflected signal frequency will be higher than the transmitter frequency; on the contrary, when the target moves away from the antenna, the reflected signal frequency will be lower at the transmitter frequency. In this way, the relative speed of the target and the radar can be calculated by changing the value of the frequency. It has been widely used in industries such as police speeding tests.



1. When the vehicle enters the detection area of the vehicle speed feedback sign radar (about 150m in front of the sign), the microwave radar will automatically detect the speed of the vehicle and display it on the LED display to remind the driver to reduce the speed in time. , so as to effectively reduce the occurrence of road traffic accidents caused by speeding.

2. The outer box adopts an integrated chassis, with beautiful design and strong waterproof effect.

3. There is a key switch hole on the back, which is convenient for product inspection and maintenance.

4. Using super bright lamp beads, the color is eye-catching and the color is distinct.

5. It is installed with a hoop, which is simple, convenient and quick to install.

6. Powered by solar panels, energy saving and environmental protection, easy to use.

The following is a real picture of Xintong Group's installation in various places


Post time: Feb-22-2022