6M Single-arm LED Street Lamp

Short Description:

1. The use of solar panels with a special microcomputer intelligent controller, the light energy into electricity, no need to dig trenches and pull lines, easy installation, energy saving and environmental protection.

2 microcomputer intelligent controller using advanced ASIC manufacturing, high conversion efficiency.

3. With anti-overcharge, over-discharge, automatic adjustment of charging current, polarity reverse connection and output short-circuit protection function, prolong the battery’s service life, safe and reliable, easy to use.

4. High efficiency maintenance-free battery, strong storage, durable.

5. The time controller is automatic tracking, with different seasons of light time automatically adjust the light time.

Product Detail

Product Specifications

Pole shaft - Rod shaft is extruded and spun from Q235 steel.

Davit Arm - Davit arms are conically tapered from Q235 steel to 2.38" OD at the luminaire end. Davit arm members have a 3' bend radius and a 6'-6" rise. Arm connection allows arm to be erected and held in place by gravity and secured by two stainless steel through bolts.

Hand hole - Covered hand hole with hardware and grounding device is provided.

Anchor base and Cover - Anchor base is cast from Q235 steel and is fitted with nut cover. The completed rod assembly is heat treated to T6 temper. Rotating collar, square casting and decorative base are available on special request.

Anchor bolts -- Anchor bolts are in line with the national standard class and are equipped with two hexagonal nuts and two flat washers. Bolts have an "L" bent at one end and galvanized minimum of 12 "at threaded end.

Hardware - all structural and non-structural fasteners are Q235.

Finish - Finish including satin drawing, anodizing or painting. Please consult factory for special finishing color and fixture matching options. When lamp poles are stored outdoors, remove all protective packaging immediately after delivery to prevent surface damage to the lamp poles.

Design criteria - for side and top mounted fixtures only, the criteria (effective projected area) and weight values are based on standard commercial criteria (wind speed factor of 1.3). The satisfactory performance of the pole depends on the pole being properly connected to a properly designed support base.

Modelling Style 1


Modelling Style 2


Modelling Style 3


Modelling Style 4


Modelling Style 5


Modelling Style 6


Modelling Style 7


Modelling Style 8


Modelling Style 9



What about light pole vibration?
Light pole vibration problems are caused by environmental factors that vary by geography. They do not result from improper materials and/or poor manufacturing processes. If you have concerns about light pole vibration for a specific project you are working on, please contact XINTONG customer support.

What about estimated production lead times?
Estimated manufacturing lead times are the best estimate based on current business conditions and may change due to factors including factory capacity and availability of component parts such as base castings, fabricated parts, electronic components and other factors.

Our Service Process

1. On-site survey, remote video survey or corresponding on-site photos provided by the customer

2. Design drawings (including floor plans, effect drawings, construction drawings), and determine the design plan

3. Equipment customized production

4. Equipment transportation and entering the construction site

5. Pipeline embedded construction,Equipment room installation

6. The overall construction is completed, and the whole swimming pool system commissioning and delivery

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