Xintong Transport Equipment Group–One-stop solution for road solutions

With the rapid development of urbanization, many problems such as population management, traffic congestion, environmental protection, and safety have been brought about. Urban decision makers need to quickly respond intelligently to various needs and provide corresponding results and solutions. Yangzhou Xintong Transport Equipment Group Co., Ltd. has been committed to road traffic and road lighting solutions. Through professional customized development of intelligent interfaces, it develops platform data that can be connected to various departments, realizes three-dimensional dynamic interactive visualization of data, and clearly displays various key data of the core system of urban operation. Visual presentation is carried out to support management decision-making in areas including emergency command, urban management, public safety, environmental protection, intelligent transportation, infrastructure, etc., so as to realize the intelligent management and operation of the city.

In order to meet the engineering needs, Yangzhou Xintong Transport Equipment Group Co., Ltd. uses 3D technology to display the traffic scheme and lighting scheme, integrates the project design and road conditions, and directly shows the rationality and effectiveness of the road lighting scheme and traffic scheme design, so as to achieve better High product requirements. The following will show you the road 3D plane effect scheme of traffic, lighting and the combination of the two produced by Xintong Group.

Traffic Safety Product Design


China’s municipal construction has been developing rapidly in order to adapt to the development of traffic. How to use the smart traffic of traffic lights more efficiently and improve traffic efficiency has become a key scientific and technological topic. Yangzhou Xintong Transport Equipment Group Co., Ltd. has been committed to the development of intelligent road traffic construction and road lighting. At present, it is a mature professional manufacturer of one-stop traffic and lighting solutions. It uses visual 3D design to provide road solutions and continuously improve the performance of intelligent computing equipment. The ability to solve smart intersections and empower the digital upgrade of urban traffic governance.

Lighting Product Design


Urban lighting plays an important role in our daily life. In urban planning, road lighting is an indispensable infrastructure in urban construction. In the design of municipal road lighting, not only should we start from the design of lighting distribution systems, but also from the Design from the perspective of green, environmental protection and energy saving. Safety and reliability, advanced technology, economical rationality, energy saving and environmental protection, and convenient maintenance are the basic principles of urban road lighting design.

The design of Yangzhou Xintong Group aims to organically combine “people, vehicles, road conditions, lighting” through edge computing and highly centralized traffic electronic equipment at intersections, so that the traffic system has perception, interconnection, The ability of analysis, prediction, control, etc., ensures traffic safety, improves the operation efficiency and management level of the traffic system, and solves the problems of intersection traffic and road lighting in one-stop. In the future, Yangzhou Xintong Transport Equipment Group Co., Ltd. road solutions will enable scenarios such as pedestrian crossing management at level crossings, vehicle entry management at expressway intersections, tunnel traffic safety warning, park roads, and intelligent optimization of road perception signals to achieve more efficient, smarter, and more efficient scenarios. Safe smart transportation network.

Post time: May-25-2022