XINTONG Group | Signal lights landed in Nigeria

Signal lights landed in Nigeria, the first step in smart city management.Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Nigeria in 1971,

We have established a strategic partnership of "political mutual trust, economic mutual benefit, and mutual assistance in international affairs".

Traffic light generally refers to the signal light that directs traffic operation. Its function is very important and can be directly related to the safety of roads and pedestrians. However, in order to better enable drivers and pedestrians to understand the use of this equipment, the function and significance of its signal lights are described in detail. Introduction to better comply with its regulations.

At the intersection, there are red, yellow, green and three-color traffic lights hanging on all sides. It is a silent "traffic police". Traffic lights are internationally unified traffic lights. A red light is a stop signal and a green light is a go signal. At the intersection, cars from several directions gather here, some have to go straight, some have to turn, and whoever goes first is to obey the traffic lights. The red light is on, it is forbidden to go straight or turn left, and the vehicle is allowed to turn right if it does not obstruct pedestrians and vehicles; the green light is on, the vehicle is allowed to go straight or turn; the yellow light is on, the stop line at the intersection or the crosswalk line, has continued to pass; When the yellow light is flashing, warn the vehicle to pay attention to safety.

The development of traffic routes measures the level of urbanization and economicalization of a country. The convenience of transportation is also a factor that restricts people's living standards. In an area with developed transportation, the happiness index of local residents is relatively high. However, in recent years, due to the frequent occurrence of traffic accidents, many tragedies have been brewed. In order to reduce the accidents caused by traffic, it is necessary to use traffic lights reasonably. The existence of traffic lights is still very necessary.

On this basis, Xintong Group once again entered the country with intelligent signal lights and intelligent transportation solutions.


The traffic signal system is an essential public infrastructure in a modern city and an important part of a smart city. All of Yangzhou Xintong Group's intelligent networked traffic signal controllers and their intelligent traffic solutions are solving the problems of traffic safety and traffic release in Nigeria.

Yangzhou Xintong Group's intelligent signal control machine is designed with the concept of safety, stability and reliability, advanced functions, intuitive operation and convenient maintenance. Time period multi-scheme operation mode, adaptive coordination control, automatic and manual control conversion, manual and remote control, bus priority, lane change, tidal lane, power failure protection and other functions, will not lose time information due to power failure Near control data.


Post time: Feb-22-2022