Xintong China-Vietnam Economic and Trade Cooperation Shows New Opportunities

With joint efforts, the friendly and comprehensive cooperative relations between China and Vietnam have continued to maintain stability and made new progress. In the first half of the year, the bilateral trade volume between China and Vietnam reached 110.52 billion US dollars. Statistics from Vietnam show that in terms of investment, as of June, China’s investment in Vietnam reached US$22.31 billion, ranking sixth among 139 countries and regions investing in Vietnam.

In May, Xiamen Port added a new foreign trade route to the port of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. This is the first foreign trade route opened by Zhonggu Shipping in Xiamen Port, and it is also the 88th route from Xiamen Port to RCEP National Port. The new route will further strengthen the foreign trade trunk network between Xiamen Port and Ho Chi Minh Port, and ensure the stability and smoothness of the foreign trade industry chain and supply chain. This route can bring about 500 TEUs of container volume growth every week.

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To improve the efficiency of customs clearance and facilitate the exchange of people and goods, the “railway express” mode of the China-Vietnam train has achieved cross-regional two-way connection. On June 3, China’s first China-Vietnam international train that adopted the customs “railway express” business model for cross-regional export arrived at the Pingxiang railway port in Guangxi from Chongqing. After going through relevant exit procedures, it sailed to Hanoi, Vietnam. On May 29, the cross-regional “Railway Express” China-Vietnam train entering from the Pingxiang railway port has successfully arrived in Chongqing. With the smooth operation of the outbound train, it marks that the “Railway Express” mode of the China-Vietnam train has achieved cross-regional two-way connection.

With the friendly development of the international trade environment, China has developed friendly trade exchanges with many countries around the world. Yangzhou Xintong Transportation Equipment Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1999. It is the first and largest company specializing in transportation equipment in East China. It has 20 years of experience and a factory area of 90,000 square meters, covering 1/5 of the Chinese market. , is the earliest professional enterprise that produces a complete set of transportation equipment and engages in intelligent transportation and safety projects. Xintong Group was established in 1999 with more than 340 employees, and since then, we have been sticking to a specific development direction and serializing our products. We take quality as the first belief; regard intelligent transportation and safety projects as excellent work, it is our responsibility; with our goal to build a full range of services for users. So far, Xintong has become a large-scale enterprise integrating product design, production, sales, service and engineering.

As our main trading area, the Middle East and Central Africa region has mutually beneficial cooperation with many countries and cities.

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