The most hardcore traffic lights are online! How much do you know about Xintong Group’s traffic lights?

The whistle urging is a common phenomenon, which can play a prompting role to a certain extent, reminding the pedestrians or vehicles next to the driving process. But that doesn’t mean you can vent your grievances in traffic jams, which are very disturbing. In response, the Mumbai police came up with a way to reduce the use of car horns by drivers.

It is understood police have installed noise detectors at traffic lights, and the louder the horn sounds, the longer the red light lasts. Once the red detection horn sound exceeds 85 decibels, it will automatically reset to red light and count again. As long as a driver honks the horn while waiting for a red light, the light will remain red.


I have to say that the Mumbai police are really simple and effective in dealing with honking. As a country with a large population, in order to ensure smooth roads, more and more roads have also opened the installation of traffic lights. As a traffic equipment manufacturer with a large number of domestic and foreign exports, Xintong Group also makes products with the spirit of excellence in the production of traffic lights. Xintong Group is a high-tech enterprise integrating the design, research and development, production, sales and construction guidance of traffic facilities and traffic intelligent products. The main products include traffic signal light series, solar traffic light series, traffic signal control equipment system, electronic police , safety bayonet, intelligent road monitoring series, street lamp poles, etc., all products have passed the inspection of the Ministry of Public Security Traffic Safety Product Quality Supervision and Testing Center.


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