280W Solar Panel Controller Solar Generator

Short Description:

A single solar module can produce only a limited amount of power; most installations contain multiple modules adding voltages or current to the wiring and PV system. A photovoltaic system typically includes an array of photovoltaic modules, an inverter, a battery pack for energy storage, charge controller, interconnection wiring, circuit breakers, fuses, disconnect switches, voltage meters, and optionally a solar tracking mechanism. Equipment is carefully selected to optimize output, energy storage, reduce power loss during power transmission, and conversion from direct current to alternating current.

Product Detail

Product Feature

Bypass diode minimizes the power drop by shade.

White tempered glass ,EVA resin,weather proof film and anodized aluminum,frame to provide efficient protection from the severest environmental conditions.

Waterproof. Perfect for grid applications.

Product guarantee 10 years.

Quality Assurance

• Electrical Insulation test
• Outdoor exposure test
• Hot-spot endurance test
• UV-exposure
• Thermal cycling test
• Humidity freeze test
• Damp heat Test
• Robustness of terminations test
• Wet leakage current test
• Mechanical load test
• Hail impact test
• Bypass diode thermal test

Electric Performance Typical Performance Characterics

Short Circuit Current Temperature Coefficiant        %/°C 0.06
Open Circuit Voltage Temperature Coefficient       %/°C -0.34
Maximum Power Temperature Coefficient              %/°C -0.47
Performance Warranty : 90%output, 12 years 80%output, 25 years



Solar Cell

◆) Module eficiency up to 17.2% achieved through advanced cell technology and manufacturing capabilties
◆Color sorting ensure consistent appearance on each module
◆High Eficincy PV Cells
◆High PID resistant


◆Silver or black frames are optional
◆Boost bearing capability and prolong service life
◆Srrated-clip design tensile strength



◆Atrflctive glass
◆Translucency of normal luminance is increased by 2%
◆ef-cleaning function
◆Module eficiency is increased by 2%

Junction Box

◆IP67 Waterproof level
◆Quality diode ensures module running safety
◆Excellent heat dissipation performance
◆Long service life


Qualification Certificate




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